Meet Blockchain Lab Director, Jeff Glazer


Jeff Glazer, Blockchain Lab Director


Jeff is a Univeristy of Wisconsin faculty member who is a Blockchain enthusiast and works in the UW Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic supervising startup businesses. Jeff is unique in that he was a software developer before he became a lawyer. He began his career as a web application and software developer; he developed some of the first corporate intranets and internet-enabled business processes. Since then he has also worked in private practice and started two companies.


About the Blockchain Lab

Labs are programs geared toward more rapid, active learning through unique frameworks while working on real world business problems. We call this an essential tool for future-proofing both companies and individuals.

The Hyper Innovation Blockchain Lab is designed for faster learning, distilling the noise, and identifying real value in this new Wild West. The Blockchain Lab’s plan for 2018 includes foundational industry learning for enterprise architects and developers and running events that bring universities, startups and corporates together in unique collaborative  experiential learning environments.

In 2018, the Blockchain Lab includes bootcamps for hands-on learning, open hackathons, Flipped Classroom events, mentor/reverse-mentor opportunities in our Blockchain Sandbox, structured startup interactions, and potentially developing use cases.

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