Blockchain: Alive or Dying?

TechCrunch explores the two arcs of opinions surrounding blockchain—the hackers and engineers who are ready to devote their life’s work to the technology, and the investors and financiers who are starting to lose faith. Looking at the history of other modern technological advances, blockchain’s explosive impact and growth is far from over.

Although investors are skeptical due to crytocurrency’s questioning sustainability in the market and its wavering value, corporations such as UNICEF and Starbucks are encouraged by the emerging technology and have begun to seek out ways to apply it to their existing business models.

“Global philanthropic organization UNICEF is actively seeking individuals to develop their own blockchain network. Interest from such a recognizable and respectable organization is sure to further legitimize the rapidly growing technology and this may prove to be a fantastic opportunity to individuals looking to break into this field.” (Lucas DeRuyter)

“Coffee giant Starbucks is looking into utilizing Blockchain software in their purchasing app. This endeavor could make the service far more secure and allow for more meticulous transaction records.” (Lucas DeRuyter)


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