UW Madison Student Org HyperX Partners With Hyper Innovation for Hands-on Experience with Real-world Problems


Accelerate innovation with a unique Co-Lab model for rapid learning and tangible outcomes while solving real world problems:

Students: Take part in an open sandbox and community for working on your own ideas or opt to be considered for a paid opportunity to work on an industry challenge.

Startups: Potentially be matched to companies with problems to solve to develop shared use cases or take part in an open sandbox and community for advancing your initiatives

Companies: Take advantage of rapid problem-solving with curated teams of students and/or startups. Identify new opportunities and partnerships, advance ideas, engage a high-level talent pool.

HyperX Madison is a multi-disciplinary, student-run organization designed to be UW-Madison’s Student Innovation Hub for hands-on experience with real-world problems and place for entrepreneurs to work on industry use cases. The focus in 2018 is on applied learning and problem solving in Blockchain, AI, AR/VR, IoT and other emerging technologies in Digital Health, Sports Technology, Transportation and Mobility and other disruptive spaces.

The goal of HyperX is to help UW-Madison students gain access to “neutral” territory for exploring entrepreneurial ideas, connect with resources and mentors, participate in industry projects for hands-on learning, and take part in opportunities and events for faster learning in rapidly changing technology spaces.

Making valuable industry connections by interacting with startup gurus and industry executives, growing professional skills, building your resume, and supplementing campus learning are all things students can get out of engaging with HyperX.

HyperX is sponsored by Hyper Innovation. Hyper Innovation (HI) is a private innovation center that focuses on collaboration and hands-on learning for mid- to large-sized corporations in rapidly changing spaces. HI provides students opportunities for being matched to industry projects, frameworks and mentors for developing ideas, an open sandbox space for exploring new ideas, and mentors.

Come to one of our info sessions or request an invitation to participate to learn more.

If you represent a company that would like to provide a challenge or project for students or startups to work on, you can request an invitation to participate for your company. Our focus is on selecting the highest level talent and relevant outcomes based on your parameters and goals.

Published by Sandra Bradley

Passion around how people use technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Over 20 years of digital marketing strategy and human factors experience. Work with many Fortune 500 clients nationwide as well as niche companies and start ups to lead key initiatives, mentor teams, provide insights, and grow companies in Connected Health and other industries.

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