What is the Emerging Tech Hub at the WID?

Last week Thursday, September 5th, Hyper Innovation, in partnership with the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) and the Virtual Environments Lab, had the privilege of hosting a networking and demo night at the future home for the Emerging Technologies Hub located in the Discovery Building.

The event was sponsored by Husch Blackwell, Hyper Innovation, and the WID and focused on applications for emerging technologies. In attendance were corporate decision makers from local companies, startups, small companies from the area, and university representatives.

The event was hosted to highlight the capabilities of intriguing use cases for emerging technologies such as: artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, internet of things, drones, gesture based controls, and connected healthcare/wearable health tech. The demos showcased applications in a variety of industries ranging from classroom settings, agriculture and sports, to healthcare and business advertising.

Included were demos completed by Omron, Holos, Virtual Environments, Axicor, Aspect Multimedia, and Search Discovery.

The Emerging Tech Hub is poised to be a central player in the university ecosystem that connects corporations, startups, university entities and the general Madison public in the exploration of the applications for emerging technologies. The hub plans to provide mentorship opportunities for startups and students, hands on demos, educational events, and hack-a-thons and sand-boxing events.

The vision of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery was the be the heart of innovation on campus, and the Emerging Technologies Hub is one way in which the WID can pursue the promise of the building and its mission.

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