The Emerging Tech Hub Showcase is going virtual!

Join HyperX, and our sponsors as we host the first live, virtual showcase for the Emerging Tech Hub on April 28, 2020 from 4:00 – 5:30 pm CT!

Learn more about the projects students have been working on this semester, and hear from local thought leaders on the ways emerging technology is changing the way we teach students and adults, interact with others, and manage events and create engagement.

Engage with students from HyperX as they present their semester projects.

Predictive Analytics for Injury Risk Reduction and Performance Optimization in Sports

Augmented Reality and Location-based Services

Hear from local startups, and HyperX sponsors, Holos and Cockpit Mobile as they discuss the potential of emerging technologies, and the importance of creating novel forms of communication and participation during times of disruption to increase retention, engagement, and community.


Making it easier for teachers and students to create immersive learning experiences, Holos is a company that is passionate about providing educational institutions with a better understanding of the world through developmental software. 

Cockpit Mobile

Cockpit Mobile is building software that will help enable physical race events to go virtual. Cockpit Mobile is working to allow participants to virtually take part in races like they would in person.

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