Emerging Tech Hub Report and Live QA

Thank you to those who were able to attend the Emerging Tech Hub Virtual Report and Live QA last Wednesday, June 10th. The Emerging Tech Hub was proud to virtually host the event alongside their sponsor, Hyper Innovation.

It was a great discussion led by our presenters: Kevin Ponto Director of the Emerging Tech Hub, Mike Grall, CEO of Talus Solutions, Richelle Martin, Managing Director of the Winnow Fund, and Sandra Bradley, CEO of Hyper Innovation.

Changing Behaviors and Emerging

This difficult time has caused people to have to adapt to new forms of communication, and rely more on technology. We have seen an acceleration in the adoption of key technology trends, including digital payments, telehealth, and robotics, as well as teleconferencing apps such as Zoom. The pandemic has transformed online shopping as many delivery companies and restaurants are launching contact-free delivery services. Universities and educational institutions have had to pivot online, offering remote learning options and unique programs for connecting in a virtual classroom.

Cybersecurity and Changing Trends

Data privacy is becoming more prevalent as more companies move their business models online. There is an even larger need to protect the considerable size of client information existing online. Through end users, all the way back to suppliers, it is necessary of being aware of the ecosystem that your business operates in. companies should be concerned about their own privacy, as well as everyone that they deal with, in addition to the frequency of how they review them.

Getting in Early with Emerging Tech

The gap between idea and commercialization is the most overlooked space in investments. Lack of early funding leaves startups in the “valley of death,” unable to meet key metrics larger investment funds look for. Madison is a prime ecosystem for this kind of micro-investing, with university talent and diverse startups, there is a lot of opportunity to get in early and assist in the development process.

Innovation Ecosystems

Companies need to find new ways to execute partnerships with tech experts, startups, and universities. A systematic way of identifying mutual wins to execute on is important to create more tangible outcomes. Collaboration is key factor in the innovation ecosystem.

Interested in the full report?

Contact us at info@hyperinnovation.com to learn more and to access the full report.

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