Surface New Opportunities and Learn About Applications for Emerging Technologies


“We were able to surface new opportunities and concept the 2.0 version of a product in an incredibly short time frame with a nimble, diverse team of innovators.” Michael Grall, CEO, AfibAlert

Companies and institutions looking to surface new opportunities and collaborate more effectively with universities and startups have new options with the Hyper Innovation Tech Lab in partnership with the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID).

“It can be hard to navigate innovation ecosystems and we need a turnkey way to engage with innovators in the university and startup space,” says Mike Semmann, a business leader with SAS, a leading analytics company. “We know we can learn faster together and the Lab provides a way to do that.”

“The Lab is an opportunity for industry collaboration we can’t get elsewhere, those of us developing new technologies really need the insights from the real world,” says Kevin Ponto, University of Wisconsin – Madison faculty and WID associate. Ponto is developing a proprietary virtual reality technology and is in the process of identifying use cases for the technology with industry partners. “The Lab is a great opportunity for industry partners to have a low risk way to work with new technologies to learn, identify the best use cases, and potentially co-develop high potential technology with inventors like myself,” says Ponto.

Companies can opt to sponsor Challenges to engage innovators in generating out-of-the-box solutions, define industry projects, and take part in shared learning in an industry consortium.

Holos, a fast-growing virtual reality company, is one of the companies who funded a recent industry project. “We were able to rapidly identify new use cases for our platform while building a talent pipeline of future interns and employees,” says Tyler Waite, COO with Holos. “The Lab provides us an efficient way to engage with university talent to accelerate development while developing a competitive talent engagement strategy.”

“Companies are really looking for two things: What’s next and ways to cultivate talent,” says Sandra Bradley, CEO, Hyper Innovation and Tech Lab Director. “The Lab does both.” She adds that the Lab offers flexible options and can move faster because it is privately held. “We can provide an open innovation “free zone” for exploration to nimble proprietary co-development,” says Bradley.

The Lab is hosting a virtual session for companies interested in learning more on September 27, 2021. RSVP for this free event or contact

Hyper Innovation
Hyper Innovation bridges the gap between corporations and innovative tech solutions to drive growth and value.

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery is a public-private research and outreach partnership located on the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus.

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