About Our Student Org

HyperX Madison is a multi-disciplinary, student-run organization for hands-on experience with new technologies and innovation.

Our focus is on applied learning and problem solving in disruptive tech (think Block Chain, AI, AR/VR and IoT) in transportation and mobility, Digital Health, Sports Technology, and other spaces. We welcome all disciplines and encourage business, design, humanities, arts and other majors as well as those in STEM fields to participate.

Our goal is to help UW-Madison students gain access to “neutral” territory for exploring intriguing applications for emerging technologies, connect with resources and mentors, participate in industry projects for hands-on learning, and take part in opportunities and events for faster learning in rapidly changing technology spaces.

Students who participate have the opportunity to learn new skills, gain industry connections, and explore applications for new technologies.

Explore Emerging Tech

Make Industry Connections

Develop New Skills

HyperX is located within the Emerging Tech Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID). WID is the central hub for innovation at the University of Wisconsin. The Emerging Tech Hub at WID is a space for interdisciplinary experimentation and exploration of new technologies engaging resources from across campus.

The Emerging Tech Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

HyperX is sponsored by Hyper Innovation, a corporate innovation agency that brings strategic insights and rapid test-and-learn frameworks for harnessing disruption.

Come to one of our info sessions to learn more.

If you would like to provide a challenge or project, contact us at info@hyperinnovation.com