About Our Student Org

HyperX Madison is a multi-disciplinary, student-run organization for hands-on experience with new technologies and innovation.

Our focus is on applied learning and problem solving in disruptive tech (think Block Chain, AI, AR/VR and IoT) in digital health, sports technology, retail, transportation, dairy and agriculture and other spaces. We welcome all disciplines and encourage business, design, humanities, arts and other majors as well as those in STEM fields to participate.

Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison
Photo by Sandra Bradley
Photo by Sandra Bradley
Students who participate have the opportunity to explore applications for new technologies, gain industry connections, and learn new skills.

Explore Emerging Tech

Gain access to equipment and test beds to explore and learn about real-world applications for new technologies such as AI, IoT, AR, VR, Blockchain and more.

Make Industry Connections

Work with industry leaders, mentors, and successful entrepreneurs to learn about key challenges and problems to solve.

Develop New Skills

Take advantage of experiential learning with mentors, guest speakers, and Hub staff.

HyperX offers graduate and undergraduate students a cross-disciplinary and collaborative space to explore, develop, and experiment with emerging technologies. Students may work either on ideas they bring or on industry projects defined by corporate and institutional sponsors.

Our goal is to help UW-Madison students gain access to “neutral” territory for exploring intriguing applications for emerging technologies, connect with resources and mentors, participate in industry projects for hands-on learning, and take part in opportunities and events for faster learning in rapidly changing technology spaces.

No experience required.

We actively seek diversity in thinking and perspectives and invite all majors from across the UW Madison campus to explore their own ideas for interesting and intriguing applications for emerging technologies.

“HyperX connected me with a multidisciplinary team that put out an incredible product at an extremely accelerated rate.” Connor – Biomedical Engineering Student 

Join us in exploring the applications of technology for tomorrow’s world.

Contact hyperxmadison@gmail.com with questions.

Drink milk?

This fall, the Dairy Innovation Hub and Hyper Innovation are hosting a Dairy Innovation Hub Student Challenge to encourage students to participate in developing novel solutions for problems being faced by the dairy industry.

Students from UW-Madison, UW-Platteville, and UW-River Falls are all encouraged to participate in this virtual student challenge addressing the largest problems being faced by the Wisconsin dairy industry today.

Compete for a chance to win cash prizes and gain new skills to build your resume.

The Dairy Innovation Challenge has been announced!

Our Leadership

Ben Chiu

President of HyperX Madison

Ben Chiu is a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering and Computer Science. He grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin and went to high school in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. In his free time he enjoys playing the electric bass, board games, and soccer. He is a software developer for Clairvo, an indoor navigation startup. Follow him on LinkedIn!

Interested in a leadership role?

Contact hyperxmadison@gmail.com with questions.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our past sponsor(s).

Let’s build something together.

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