RSVP for Student Info Session on September 2021 7:00-8:00

Learn more about Hyper Innovation and opportunities for hands-on experience, industry projects and challenges, and support for growing your own ideas. We invite students from all majors including engineering, computer science, business, communications, art and design, physics, anthropology and more. This is an online event but, if we can add an in-person option, we post it hereContinue reading “RSVP for Student Info Session on September 2021 7:00-8:00”

Fall 2020 Opportunities!

HyperX Madison is excited to offer students unique opportunities for community building around the exploration of emerging technologies across industries. Students will have the option to form or join multidisciplinary teams working on sponsored projects or ideas of their own creation. Student teams will work alongside industry mentors as they explore their project and gainContinue reading “Fall 2020 Opportunities!”

Back to School, but Virtual

Learn more about some valuable tools that students can utilize to make their online learning experience more bearable! With universities across the globe making the great shift to virtual learning, it is now more important than ever for college students to be aware of the valuable tools out there for them to utilize in theirContinue reading “Back to School, but Virtual”

New in Tech: A Mini Series

Google Maps is Showing Wildfire Boundaries in Real Time Google has released a brand new feature to help citizens being burdened by wildfires. Type in any name of an ongoing wildfire into Google search, and the website will now bring up a map with a near-real-time boundary of that fire. This program was piloted lastContinue reading “New in Tech: A Mini Series”

Tying Down TikTok

TikTok, an app where users can create and share videos between three and fifteen seconds long, mainly involving lip-syncing, dancing, singing, and comedy routines, has recently come under fire. According to the social media management platform Hootsuite, Tiktok is the sixth largest social media network in the world, with 800 million active users worldwide inContinue reading “Tying Down TikTok”

Emerging Tech Hub Report and Live QA

Thank you to those who were able to attend the Emerging Tech Hub Virtual Report and Live QA last Wednesday, June 10th. The Emerging Tech Hub was proud to virtually host the event alongside their sponsor, Hyper Innovation. It was a great discussion led by our presenters: Kevin Ponto Director of the Emerging Tech Hub,Continue reading “Emerging Tech Hub Report and Live QA”

The Emerging Tech HubVirtual Showcase

Here’s what you missed at the 2020 Emerging Tech Hub Virtual Showcase!  Both technology and innovation are becoming more important than ever, as the spread COVID-19 has changed how we live and work.  As we face these changes, we need to come together to keep an eye on the horizon for what is next. TheContinue reading “The Emerging Tech HubVirtual Showcase”

The Emerging Tech Hub Showcase is going virtual!

Join HyperX, and our sponsors as we host the first live, virtual showcase for the Emerging Tech Hub on April 28, 2020 from 4:00 – 5:30 pm CT! Learn more about the projects students have been working on this semester, and hear from local thought leaders on the ways emerging technology is changing the wayContinue reading “The Emerging Tech Hub Showcase is going virtual!”

Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Personal Health Care

In the multifaceted field that is healthcare, there is a constant demand for contemporary technology, or the creation of a system that assists medical professionals, their patients, and life science communities in an innovative fashion.  Developing that very system, Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers the sophisticated ability to transform patient care, while working collaboratively with doctorsContinue reading “Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Personal Health Care”

Protecting Student Intellectual Property

At the February 24th Open Work Session, students in HyperX had the opportunity to hear from Jeff Glazer, a Supervising Attorney in the Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic (L&E Clinic), at the UW Madison. The L&E Clinic provides free legal services to students and faculty at UW Madison, as well as to startups worldwide. In hisContinue reading “Protecting Student Intellectual Property”

Innovation and Emerging Technology Leadership Summit at the Emerging Tech Hub

The Innovation and Emerging Technology Leadership Summit on November 14, 2019 brought together business leaders, startup CEO’s, and University of Wisconsin-Madison thought leaders. The purpose of the event was to focus on real-world applications for new technologies and ways to innovate through strategic briefings, hands-on demos, and small group discussion. As part of the event,Continue reading “Innovation and Emerging Technology Leadership Summit at the Emerging Tech Hub”

What is the Emerging Tech Hub at the WID?

Last week Thursday, September 5th, Hyper Innovation, in partnership with the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) and the Virtual Environments Lab, had the privilege of hosting a networking and demo night at the future home for the Emerging Technologies Hub located in the Discovery Building. The event was sponsored by Husch Blackwell, Hyper Innovation, andContinue reading “What is the Emerging Tech Hub at the WID?”