Dairy Innovation Student Challenge

Create novel solutions to dairy industry problems to solve.

This fall the Dairy Innovation Hub and Hyper Innovation are hosting a Student Challenge to encourage students to participate in developing novel solutions for problems being faced by the dairy industry.

Opportunity to Win Cash Prizes!

Build Your Resume

With out of the classroom experience solving real-world problems in the dairy industry.

Make Industry Connections

Working with leaders in the dairy industry on your project.

Gain New Skills

By working on multidisciplinary teams of students across campus to develop a winning business model.


We need students from all backgrounds and majors to make this Challenge a success.

We encourage business, engineering, computer science, journalism, chemistry and biology (to name a few) to participate and bring additional insights to the work being done.

We want your ideas!

The Dairy Innovation Challenge has been announced!

The Dairy Innovation Hub Student Challenge and Cohort

During the 2020 fall semester, the Dairy Innovation Hub and Hyper Innovation will host a Student Challenge to harness the creativity of UW System undergraduate students to discover novel solutions for the dairy community.

The Challenge will rely on industry advisors to define problems and create opportunities for students to generate novel solutions addressing the most pressing issues facing Wisconsin dairy, including those identified by the state’s Dairy Task Force 2.0. Through virtual collaboration across campus(es), students working in teams will generate ideas and assess viability of potential solutions before building proofs of concept. A panel of professional experts will work with student teams throughout the Challenge to ensure desirability and feasibility of the solutions.

The Dairy Innovation Challenge has been announced!

The Dairy Innovation Hub Student Cohort will consist of students participating in the Dairy Innovation Hub Student Challenge. Each student team will be assigned to work with a specific mentor throughout the semester who assist the team in developing their strategy and final project to be presented to a panel of judges.

Watch this short video on the Dairy Innovation Hub Student Challenge to learn more.

The Dairy Innovation Challenge has been announced!

Dairy Innovation Hub Background

The Dairy Innovation Hub harnesses research and development at UW–Madison, UW–Platteville and UW–River Falls campuses to keep Wisconsin’s dairy community at the global forefront in producing nutritious dairy products in an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable manner.

The Dairy Task Force 2.0 is a Wisconsin State Government initiative centered on developing sustainable solutions for improving the dairy industry in Wisconsin, which continues to face hardship due to low margins and high competition in the market, a decline in dairy consumption across America, and the rise of alternative options for “milk.”

The Dairy Innovation Hub Student Challenge plans to create virtual, collaborative, exploration and solution seeking opportunities at the UW-Madison, UW-Platteville, and UW-River Falls campuses this fall.

Photo by Catherine Reiland/UW-Madison
Participate in the Student Cohort

Students who decide to participate will be competing to generate a potential solution to dairy industry problems. Teams selected at the end of the hack-a-thon will continue to work together in the Dairy Innovation Student Cohort to develop business models, POCs or MVPs for their idea.

Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison
Create Industry Connections

The Dairy Innovation Student Cohort will work closely with a group of leaders from the dairy industry and university faculty and staff as mentors to the projects.

Photo by Michael P. King
Compete for Cash Prizes

Student teams who finish the challenge will present their final projects to a panel of industry judges. Winners have the opportunity to win cash prizes for participating and developing winning models.