Hyper Innovation Digital Health Challenge

Calling students and campus innovators from all disciplines

The Spring 2022 Hyper Innovation Digital Health Challenge will be focused on identifying challenges with continued engagement and improvements to customer interactions with in-home monitoring technologies. Campus innovators and students will ideate and generate insights for improving customer experience with in-home healthcare technologies.

Work individually or in teams. Make industry connections. Compete for Cash Prizes!

Interested? Stay tuned for the Student Info Session in January 2022 or email hyperxmadison@gmail.com to be notified about when we get started or with questions.

About Hyper Innovation

Hyper Innovation is an Innovation-as-a-Service agency that accelerates innovation and creates new competitive advantages for global brands and leading institutions through focusing and prioritizing growth opportunities, customer and product validation for new solutions, and informing build/buy/partner decisions. www.hyperinnovation.com