Hyper Innovation Tech Lab

Demonstrating real-world applications for emerging technologies and growing the next generation of future professionals.

In unprecedented times, innovation and technology is more important than ever for companies seeking to create new opportunities and to ensure a positive go-forward path.

The Tech Exploration Lab is an initiative designed for companies to de-risk R&D, develop talent, and explore and experiment with cutting-edge tech and for students to learn about the potential for real-world applications for new technologies.

The Tech Exploration Lab is a university-industry collaboration that provides opportunities for multi-disciplinary engagement at UW-Madison and unique ways of working with startups and other innovation ecosystem players.

How companies can benefit from engaging with the Tech Exploration Lab:

Engagement & Learning

Virtual Lab Nights

Community Building

Virtual Industry Events & Workshops

Practical Application

Crowdsourcing and Pressure Testing New Ideas

Talent Development Programs

Online Challenges

Tech Loaning Library with Curbside Pickup

Brand Visibility & Affinity

Virtual Corporate “Real Estate” and Brand Visibility

Visibility Online and in Social Channels

Hosted Virtual Events and Shared Content Development

Led by an innovation ecosystem of advisors.

The Tech Exploration Lab is driven by real-world problems to solve and leading companies who provide their insights and strategic direction. Members of the Advisory Board are representative of the innovative talent found within global corporations, the University of Wisconsin, the investment community, and regional startups.

The Tech Exploration Lab: The power of a unique partnership.

Hyper Innovation is an Innovation-as-a-Service agency that creates new competitive advantage for global brands through strategic insights to focus and prioritize new opportunities, rapid test-and-learn experiments to identify applications for emerging tech, and systematic process for informing build/buy/partner decisions.

Hyper Innovation runs innovation and incubator programs in focused verticals and interest areas such as the Digital Innovation Lab to create tangible value out of university-industry collaboration.

HyperX is a registered student org at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. The value of an organization like HyperX is to provide multi-disciplinary students the opportunity to pursue their interests while exploring and experimenting with new technologies.

The Emerging Tech Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery is a space for networking and community-building in the heart of innovation on the UW-Madison campus.

Tech Exploration Lab Leadership

Sandra Bradley

CEO, Hyper Innovation

Kevin Ponto

UW-Madison Site Coordinator, faculty and
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery associate

Highlights from the Spring 2020 Virtual Showcase

The Spring 2020 Virtual Showcase was a testament to the resiliency of students, startups and thought leaders who persevered through unprecedented times and to the large audience who attended. Check out videos, presentations and presenter details in AI in predictive analytics in sports, augmented reality for new modes of navigation, virtual reality in education and mobile apps for managing virtual events.
See videos and presentations from the April 2020 Virtual Showcase

Upcoming Events for

Innovation Leaders

We are looking forward to continuing momentum and making 2020 a great year. These events are focused on providing insights to decision-makers from companies who want to keep an eye on the horizon, develop talent, and identify applications for emerging technologies. Contact sandra@hyperinnovation.com with questions:

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all events are completely virtual for Fall 2020.
  • Sept. 14, 2020: HyperX Virtual Student Information Session

    On September 14th, we will kick off student events for HyperX.

    Industry sponsors are invited to attend to network and may opt to share challenges or problems to solve to teams of multi-disciplinary students.

    Fall e-plans include contact-less access to equipment, a virtual student sandbox for experimenting with new tech, hack-a-thons, and Challenges to identify out-of-the box solutions in industries including healthcare and Ag-tech.

  • Nov. 19, 2020: Tech Exploration Lab Showcase and Demo Night

    Hyper Innovation will host its fourth annual Innovation and Emerging Tech Leadership event on November 19th but this year with an all-new virtual interactive format and focus on showcasing innovative applications for emerging technologies.

    This two-hour YouTube Live event is designed to showcase university entrepreneurs and innovators and for demonstrations of innovative applications for technologies. We are producing this event to offer a hybrid experience with demos, networking, and opportunities for one-on-one and small group breakouts with innovators.

    Contact sandra@hyperinnovation.com to learn more about opportunities for demos, showcasing and visibility at the Tech Exploration Lab Showcase and Demo Night on November 19, 2020.

Become a Tech Exploration Lab Mentor

We are actively looking for business professionals and subject-matter experts to provide mentorship to student entrepreneurs and innovators. 

All skill sets and levels are needed: technology, marketing, business development, operations, design, expertise in specific industries, etc.

Bring your interests and insights to share with students working on their own ideas as well as industry projects. Contact lacie@hyperinnovation.com to learn more about how to become a mentor.

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