Emerging Tech Hub Virtual Events in 2020

With all of the changes we are experiencing, there is no better time to think about how innovation and technology can create new opportunities for how we live and work and the Hub is busier than ever (virtually now and in-person in the near future.)

Learn more about the Emerging Tech Hub at WID for ways to get engaged and see below for save-the-dates for upcoming virtual events. We look forward to having you take part in defining the future of tech!

  1. April 28, 2020
    Emerging Tech Hub Online Showcase

    RSVP for this free, online event for highlights from projects students have been working on in predictive analytics, sports tech, and augmented reality and hear about real-world applications for new tech from University of Wisconsin-Madison experts and leaders from innovative companies.
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  2. June 10, 2020
    Trendspotter’s Forum Report

    Emerging Tech Hub devotees have curated some of the top trends in emerging tech and will give a report out on what we see on the horizon as well as have snapshots from innovative companies with cases to share around how they are exploiting those trends. We will also share ways you can engage in upcoming activities in the Hub that you can plan for now.
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  3. August 13, 2020
    Virtual Roundtable and Innovation Center Tour

    Come to this session sponsored by the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) to learn more about emerging technology trends, tour the Emerging Tech Hub, and take part in knowledge exchange and dialogue between attendees about innovation challenges and best practices. This session is free for innovation Lab directors, executives, and strategists responsible for leading innovation and/or business growth.
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  4. September 14, 2020
    HyperX Virtual Student Info Session

    This session welcomes multi-disciplinary students to take part in innovation challenges and emerging technology experimentation. Those from companies interested in participating are welcome to come to raise awareness about opportunities at their organizations, propose challenges, or define projects.
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  5. November 19, 2020:
    Innovation and Emerging Tech Leadership Summit

    Held at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, this 3rd Annual Summit attracts innovation Lab directors, decision-makers in technology, brand strategy, business development, and innovation strategy from leading companies to engage with university and startup thought leaders and to take a deep-dive into learning about real-world applications for emerging technologies. The HyperX Showcase Night will immediately follow the Summit for hands-on demos and interactions with novel technologies and projects.
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Let us know if you have questions or would like to learn more about how your company can benefit from engaging with the Emerging Tech Hub. We look forward to identifying new ways to harness disruptive technologies especially in these very trying times!

Sandra Bradley
CEO, Hyper Innovation

Kevin Ponto
Director, Emerging Tech Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
and UW-Madison Faculty

About the Emerging Tech Hub and Hyper Innovation

The Hub is an initiative built upon the importance of the impact and real-world application for emerging technologies. Through training, practice, and outreach, the Hub provides a catalyst for opportunities focusing on the next generation of future professionals and creating tangible community outreach and engagement. Follow the Emerging Tech Hub on LinkedIn

Hyper Innovation is a development partner and sponsor of the Hub and is not formally affiliated with the University of Wisconsin.