Blockchain: Alive or Dying?

TechCrunch explores the two arcs of opinions surrounding blockchain—the hackers and engineers who are ready to devote their life’s work to the technology, and the investors and financiers who are starting to lose faith. Looking at the history of other modern technological advances, blockchain’s explosive impact and growth is far from over.

Although investors are skeptical due to crytocurrency’s questioning sustainability in the market and its wavering value, corporations such as UNICEF and Starbucks are encouraged by the emerging technology and have begun to seek out ways to apply it to their existing business models.

“Global philanthropic organization UNICEF is actively seeking individuals to develop their own blockchain network. Interest from such a recognizable and respectable organization is sure to further legitimize the rapidly growing technology and this may prove to be a fantastic opportunity to individuals looking to break into this field.” (Lucas DeRuyter)

“Coffee giant Starbucks is looking into utilizing Blockchain software in their purchasing app. This endeavor could make the service far more secure and allow for more meticulous transaction records.” (Lucas DeRuyter)


Is the Midwest the Next Silicon Valley?


As Silicon Valley saturates, this New York Times article outlines the allure of the Midwest to venture capitalists and influencers in the tech sector.

In addition, this article offers an examination of, and a possible explanation of why the Midwest is seeing such considerable growth in venture capital activity.

What do you think his means for the Midwest, for innovative hubs like Madison, WI?

March 5 Kickoff Event

We have kicked off the Spring 2018 Lab but there may still be opportunities to participate in short-term projects and certainly will be for our Fall 2018 Lab. Fill out this Request an Invitation to Participate Form to start the discussion.

Kick Off Meeting at 100State – 316 W. Washington, Suite 675 (location info)
ome to this session with your ideas to explore,  meet potential team members, and learn about industry projects in the Lab or opportunities for entrepreneurs.

We will also talk about frameworks for the Lab, expectations, and the presentations that you will be giving at the end of the semester. Some participants will be invited to present at a showcase at our Executive Disruption Summit on May 2.

After the kickoff, teams selected to participate are expected to meet weekly to hear what others are working on, network, and work on projects.

If you missed the info session on February 26, review this PDF of the student overview.

Let us know if you have questions:

HyperX Student Info Session on 2/26

2/26/18 6:00-7:30
Student Info Session and Pizza Social at Union South
Learn more about Hyper Innovation and opportunities for hands-on experience, projects, and entrepreneurial support you could potentially be a part of. We invite students from all majors including engineering, computer science, business, communications, art and design, physics, anthropology and more. And, yes, there will be pizza.

While this is a student event, faculty, staff, and interested company reps are welcome to attend.

Meet Blockchain Lab Director, Jeff Glazer


Jeff Glazer, Blockchain Lab Director


Jeff is a Univeristy of Wisconsin faculty member who is a Blockchain enthusiast and works in the UW Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic supervising startup businesses. Jeff is unique in that he was a software developer before he became a lawyer. He began his career as a web application and software developer; he developed some of the first corporate intranets and internet-enabled business processes. Since then he has also worked in private practice and started two companies.


About the Blockchain Lab

Labs are programs geared toward more rapid, active learning through unique frameworks while working on real world business problems. We call this an essential tool for future-proofing both companies and individuals.

The Hyper Innovation Blockchain Lab is designed for faster learning, distilling the noise, and identifying real value in this new Wild West. The Blockchain Lab’s plan for 2018 includes foundational industry learning for enterprise architects and developers and running events that bring universities, startups and corporates together in unique collaborative  experiential learning environments.

In 2018, the Blockchain Lab includes bootcamps for hands-on learning, open hackathons, Flipped Classroom events, mentor/reverse-mentor opportunities in our Blockchain Sandbox, structured startup interactions, and potentially developing use cases.

Cap Times Article Featuring Blockchain Lab and Cryptocurrency Incubator

Jason Tham, crypto investor and incubator director, and Sandra Bradley, Hyper Innovation Director, in front, hope to make the co-working space at 100state Ground Zero for the local cryptocurrency and blockchain community. Also pictured are UW-Madison students Sean Rice, left, and Eli Krenzke, who work on multiple projects in our blockchain incubator space.  Read more in this Cap Times



Sandra Bradley Featured in Book Highlighting Women in Technology Leaders

iowA full chapter in the book The Internet of Women: Accelerating Culture Change which focuses on innovation and change in education, features Sandra Bradley and experiential learning programs she developed while working in UW-Madison’s IoT Lab.

Sandra founded some of the ideas for Hyper Innovation, the company she now leads, on the university programs as well as on decades of experience in academic and professional learning environments. She strongly believes in the value of collaboration and experiential learning while delivering real value to accelerate and  enhance learning outcomes.

Future of Transportation and Real-world AV Testing

We are working to bring UW-Madison, the Wisconsin AV Proving grounds and industry partners to run real-world experiments with autonomous vehicles in the Hyper Innovations Future of Transportation Lab. The AV Proving Grounds includes part of Observatory Drive which could be one of the first places to begin testing.

Navya came to campus recently to demo one of their vehicles. Read more about some of the things that are happening in Wisconsin that you could be part of and stay tuned for details on how to get involved.



Future of Wearables – Engineering Meets Fashion

Catherine Finedore (right), a senior in Biomedical Engineering, does a great job presenting her work during an industry workshop on integrating interactive LED technology into dress she designed. She was also featured in this article for receiving a scholarship for her work in biomedical engineering.

Bringing Corporate Executives Together with Startups and UW Faculty and Students

113017We had students and faculty from business, engineering, computer science, and law attend our Corporate Executive Industry Event in November. Sid Ramesh, an industrial engineering junior, presented on the projects and work he is doing in enterprise blockchain. Jignesh Patel, computer science faculty and entrepreneur, presented on his work in AI. See this short video for highlights of Patel’s presentation:

And this is a short video of an overview of the event overall: