Hyper Innovation is a Madison-based corporate innovation agency with a focus on customer-centricity and next-generation technologies.

Hyper Innovation brings strategic insights, deep experience and a systematic “kill fast, grow fast” process to pilot ideas with prospective technology partners and startups.

They are participating as industry advisers to HyperX.

The Emerging Tech Hub will be providing students with access to innovative technology for hands-on learning.

Cockpit Mobile is a Madison-based startup developing a web-based platform, Field General. Cockpit Mobile’s premier platform brings the capabilities of Slack to physical task management.

By pinning tasks to their respective locations on a map or diagram, teams see what needs to be done & where, marking items as done in real-time.

Cockpit Mobile will be sponsoring an industry project for HyperX.

Holos is a Madison-based startup developing a VR platform for use in the classroom. Holos offers tools educators can use to increase student engagement and retention in the classroom — taking learning beyond the book or screen.

Immersive learning experiences are the future of in-class education.

Holos will be sponsoring an industry problem for HyperX.

Axicor is a Green Bay based startup specializing in creating Data Science Solutions (Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics).

Axicor will be supporting student projects using their predictive analytics platform, specifically for predictive stock trading and predictive analytics in sports injuries.

Terso is a Madison based company that has developed RFID enabled inventory management tools to simplify equipment, medicine, tools, supplies, etc management.

Terso has generously donated a RFID enabled cabinet to HyperX for use in storing student equipment.

Omron Healthcare is a global company dedicated to creating technology that lives in harmony with your day to day life—technology that advances us to a healthier world and gets us to zero (heart attacks, strokes).

Omron has developed wearable blood pressure monitors, and generously donated their HeartGuides for students to explore the benefits of Digital Healthcare and Remote Patient Monitoring.

Quell is a healthcare startup dedicated to creating technology that provides non-medicinal full body pain relief.

Their premier product, Quell 2.0 is a wearable pain relief device for chronic pain relief. Quell has generously donated devices for students to explore intriguing use cases for technology in healthcare.

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