Our sponsors offer students opportunities to connect with real-world problems, develop their talent outside of the classroom, and make connections with industry partners and startups.

There is an opportunity for shared learning around the collaborative exploration of potential solutions for industry problems through pressure testing and crowd sourcing.

Our Fall 2020 sponsors are offering HyperX students intriguing opportunities to expand their skill set outside of the classroom working on multidisciplinary teams to generate out of the box ideas.

Check out our Fall 2020 Opportunities in HyperX.

Hyper Innovation is a Madison-based corporate innovation agency with a focus on customer-centricity and next-generation technologies.

Hyper Innovation brings strategic insights, deep experience and a systematic “kill fast, grow fast” process to pilot ideas with prospective technology partners and startups.

They are participating as industry advisers to HyperX, bringing other industry opportunities to students for real-world experiences in problem solving.

This fall, Hyper Innovation is sponsoring a Digital Health Test Bed Mini Challenge for students interested in exploring use cases for de-identified data and digital health technologies.

Holos is a Madison-based startup developing a VR platform for use in the classroom. Holos offers tools educators can use to increase student engagement and retention in the classroom — taking learning beyond the book or screen.

Immersive learning experiences are the future of in-class education.

Holos will be sponsoring an industry problem for HyperX focused on Virtual Reality User Interfaces.

Terso is a Madison based company that has developed RFID enabled inventory management tools to simplify equipment, medicine, tools, supplies, etc management.

Terso has generously donated a RFID enabled cabinet to HyperX for use in storing student equipment.

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