Provide Opportunities for Students

How it Works

Semester Co-Innovation Lab
Companies and organizations are selected to bring a problem to solve and multi-disciplinary teams of students are curated based on best match with skills and interests. We work with highly qualified graduate and undergraduate students from Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Communications, Art and Design and other disciplines and focus on complementary skills in each team.

Teams are mentored and work closely with companies to experiment, run technology sandboxes, execute ideas, create proofs of concepts, do research, and/or demonstrate incremental innovation.

Companies will be invited to participate as deeply as they wish with team members or may choose to check in mid- and end-point on progress and a presentation and documentation will be provided to each company.

Our calendar for events can be found here.

The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

We run our programs in a “third space” to be able to offer the flexibility to create shared IP agreements, protect IP during the course of the project, and to meet needs for outcomes driven by participant interest.

Collaboration around innovation with corporations, startups, university faculty and researchers and highly skilled students begins at the Emerging Tech Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.