For Students, By Students

HyperX offers graduate and undergraduate students a cross-disciplinary and collaborative space to explore, develop, and experiment with emerging technologies. Students may work either on ideas they bring or on industry projects defined by corporate and institutional sponsors.

Explore Emerging Tech

Gain access to Hub equipment and test beds to test and learn about real-world applications for new technologies such as AI, IoT, AR, VR, Blockchain and more.

Make Industry Connections

Work with industry leaders, mentors, and successful entrepreneurs to learn about key challenges and problems to solve.

Develop New Skills

Take advantage of experiential learning with mentors, guest speakers, and Hub staff.

No experience required.

We actively seek diversity in thinking and perspectives and invite all majors from across the UW Madison campus to explore their own ideas for interesting and intriguing applications for emerging technologies.

“HyperX connected me with a multidisciplinary team that put out an incredible product at an extremely accelerated rate.” Connor – Biomedical Engineering Student 

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The best way to start is to attend an Info Session to learn more or contact with questions.

Some of our sponsors.

Holos makes it easy for anyone to create immersive learning experiences. The Holos platform and tools empower people to learn and understand in fully interactive 3D, and as the company moves into the future, it will anticipates growing into new markets. 

Cockpit Mobile’s premier product, Field General, makes remote monitoring of teams and tasks easier with their physical task mapping platform. 

Axicor will be supporting student projects using their predictive analytics platform, specifically for predictive stock trading and predictive analytics in sports injuries.

Terso has generously donated a RFID enabled cabinet to HyperX for use in storing student equipment.

Omron has developed wearable blood pressure monitors, and generously donated their HeartGuides for students to explore the benefits of Digital Healthcare and Remote Patient Monitoring.

Their premier product, Quell 2.0 is a wearable pain relief device for chronic pain relief. Quell has generously donated devices for students to explore intriguing use cases for technology in healthcare.

Let’s build something together.