Student Involvement

HyperX offers students a cross-disciplinary, collaborative and neutral space to explore, develop, and experiment with emerging technologies, or work with industry leaders and mentors on problems to be solved.

Explore Emerging Tech

Students who feel inspired by emerging technologies have an opportunity to access resources for innovation, and work on a team.

Make Industry Connections

Work with industry leaders, mentors, and successful entrepreneurs to solve an industry problem.

Develop New Skills

A semester-long program designed for sprint style innovation, rapid test and learn, and fast-paced learning opportunities.

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Holos makes it easy for anyone to create immersive learning experiences. The Holos platform and tools empower people to learn and understand in fully interactive 3D, and as the company moves into the future, it will anticipates growing into new markets. 

Cockpit Mobile’s premier product, Field General, makes remote monitoring of teams and tasks easier with their physical task mapping platform. 

As the licenses plates say, Wisconsin is America’s Dairy Land and the dairy industry is going through a period of significant disruption and change. While that has led to difficult economic conditions for the industry and communities dependent upon dairy production and processing, it opens up opportunities for innovation.

Let’s build something together.