Work with an Industry Leader

We actively seek diversity in thinking and perspectives. We match graduate and undergraduate students interested in working on industry challenges into skilled teams.

“Hyper Innovation let me get real experience in my field that was otherwise unavailable.”

Lexi – Biomedical Engineering Student 

For industry projects, our general focus is on STEAMD (science, technology, engineering, art, math, design) skills but we encourage multi-disciplinary teams with members who are creative thinkers, business drivers, and fast learners. Breadth of perspective, collaborative spirit, and creativity are as important as experience.

We offer Co-Innovation Lab opportunities in the spring and fall. The best way to start is to attend an Info Session to learn more.  

You can also fill out this Request to Participate Form or contact with questions. 

We often have hands-on learning opportunities, internships in our Labs, and projects during the year. Filling out the form gets the process started and we will follow up with you with additional questions. Important note: We can only put you in the consideration set, there is no guarantee of participation.

We have a limited number of opportunities for working on industry challenges. Students we work with may receive one of the following:

  • A pre-determined stipend or hourly rate for working on an industry project
  • Option to compete for a cash team award for a Grand Challenge at our end-of-semester event
  • A Certificate of Participation for volunteer internships with corporate partners or Hyper Innovation (HyperX’s sponsor) that build new skills and provide experiential learning