The Emerging Tech Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Demonstrating real-world applications for emerging technologies and growing the next generation of future professionals

In unprecedented times, innovation and technology is more important than ever for companies seeking to create new opportunities and to ensure a positive go-forward path.

Located in the heart of the Town Center at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID), the Emerging Tech Hub is designed for companies to de-risk R&D, develop talent, and explore and experiment with cutting-edge tech and for students to learn about the potential for real-world applications for new technologies.

The Emerging Tech Hub provides opportunities for multi-disciplinary collaboration at UW-Madison and unique ways of working with industry partners.

How companies can benefit from working with the Emerging Tech Hub

Engagement & Learning

Weekly Tech Nights

Industry Learning Events and Talent Programs

Hackathons and Challenges

Executive Summits and Round Tables

Practical Application

Hands-on Demo Stations and Showcases

Student Mentoring and Projects

Digital Makerspace

Sandboxing and Experimentation

Brand Visibility & Affinity

Interactive Real Estate and Brand Visibility

Community Programs

Presence at the Wisconsin Science Festival, Startup Week, and other WID

Led by an innovation ecosystem of advisors

The Hub is driven by real-world problems to solve and leading companies who provide their insights and strategic direction. Members of the advisory board are representative of the innovative talent found within global corporations, the University of Wisconsin, and local startups.

The Emerging Tech Hub: The power of a unique partnership

Hyper Innovation is an Innovation-as-a-Service agency that creates new competitive advantage for global brands through strategic insights to focus and prioritize new opportunities, rapid test-and-learn experiments to identify applications for emerging tech, and systematic process for informing build/buy/partner decisions. Hyper Innovation is not formally affiliated with the University of Wisconsin but is a sponsor and partner in helping develop the Hub.

The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) is the central hub for multi-disciplinary research, collaboration and innovation at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Located in the heart of a world-class campus and with nearly 50,000 visitors each month, WID provides a unique opportunity for university-industry partnerships.

Emerging Tech Hub Leadership

Sandra Bradley
CEO, Hyper Innovation

Kevin Ponto
UW-Madison faculty and
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery researcher

Highlights from the April 2020 virtual showcase

The April 2020 Virtual Showcase was a testament to the resiliency of students, startups and thought leaders who persevered through unprecedented times and to the large audience who attended. Check out videos, presentations and presenter details in AI in predictive analytics in sports, augmented reality for new modes of navigation, virtual reality in education and mobile apps for managing virtual events.
See videos and presentations from the April 2020 Virtual Showcase

Upcoming events for innovation leaders

We are looking forward to continuing momentum and making 2020 a great year. These events are focused on providing insights to decision-makers from companies who want to keep an eye on the horizon, develop talent, and identify applications for emerging technologies. Contact with questions:

  • June 10: Trend Spotter’s Webinar

    Join us on June 10th for an interactive webinar featuring thought leadership from the Emerging Tech Hub at UW-Madison and startup and innovation community in Madison as we share updates on the Hub, case studies, and discuss what technology is on the horizon and which trends companies need to think about today.

  • Aug. 13: Innovation Leader Roundtable and Wisconsin Institute for Discovery VIP Tour

    On August 13th, the Emerging Tech Hub is hosting a Roundtable and Wisconsin Institute for Discovery VIP Tour (possibly virtual or in-person). This half-day event is for Innovation Lab directors, executives, and strategists responsible for leading innovation and/or business growth. Contact to learn more.

  • Sept. 14: HyperX Student Information Session and Pizza Social

    On September 14th, we will kick off the Fall Cohort for HyperX. Industry sponsors are invited to attend to network and may opt to share challenges or problems to solve to teams of multi-disciplinary students. Fall plans include a student sandbox for experimenting with new tech, learning events and bootcamps, hackathons, and Challenges to identify out-of-the box solutions in industries including healthcare and agtech.

  • Dec. 2: Innovation and Emerging Technology Leadership Summit

    Hyper Innovation will host its fifth annual Innovation and Emerging Tech Leadership Summit on December 2nd. This full-day event is for Innovation Lab directors, executives, and strategists responsible for leading innovation and/or business growth. Attendees will learn from thought leaders from the university and innovation ecosystem, take part in in-depth discussions on topics defined based on individual interests, and take part in a Demo Day designed for immersive experiences to explore what is on the horizon for emerging technologies. Contact to learn more about the Summit.

Join the Member Network at the Emerging Tech Hub

  • Keep an eye on the horizon of rapidly changing technologies
  • Take advantage of a turnkey resource to simplify multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Benefit from experiential learning and insights from students, startups, other companies, and subject matter experts
  • De-risk exploration and experimentation with cutting-edge technologies by tapping resources in an “external lab” setting

The following Member Network options are PC (pre-COVID). To ensure access for all, we are inviting companies to define their own desired kind of engagements with a “pay what you can model” until December 31, 2020. All companies we work with will have access to all virtual events and online visibility with in-person branding to come once WID opens to the public again.

Even in today’s crisis, we are well equipped and able to rapidly test new products and business models, run challenges, pilots, hackathons, or offer strategic consulting to develop go-forward plans in uncertain times. Contact to discuss how to create tangible value for your organization today.

Other ways to engage starting in January 2021

  • Host a demo station in the Hub
  • Host office hours in the Hub
  • Own interactive real estate and ongoing brand presence in the Hub
  • Provide equipment and knowledge/expertise to teams and projects
  • Define consulting or other projects with selected university talent and other ecosystem players
  • Define workshops or boot camps relevant to your organization
  • Host a corporate retreat in the Hub with expert content presentations and facilitation

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